Food Intolerance Test

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What’s Tested

  • 550 Potential Food Intolerances
  • Raw/Cooked Food (Apples, Carrots, Beans, Grains, etc)
  • Preservatives (Additives, Sugars, Confectionery, etc)
  • Ingredients (Salt, Oils, Wine, etc)
  • Check our Items Tested tab for each complete list

5Strands®, Affordable Testing is proud to now offer individualized testing products!

Our Food Intolerance Test includes the full list of food items tested in the Deluxe Package.



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  1. Avatar for Elijah J
    Rated 5 out of 5
    Elijah J 3 months ago

    I enjoyed this test! Glad I didn’t have to buy the full package because I got the answers I needed from this. I read the blog that released the new products! I now subscribed to their blogs because they are very informative.

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